Semalt Expert Reveals Facebook And Twitter Tricks For SMO & SMM

Do you have an idea of how to get a large number of views from both Twitter and Facebook? It would not be wrong to say that Facebook and Twitter are two of the most advanced social media networks that ensure excellent engagement opportunities if you use them wisely and optimize their core features. For social media marketers, it is not a tough job, but for newcomers, it may not be possible to get the desired results as they are unaware of the advanced methodologies. You must revisit FaceBook & Twitter's rules and regulations and analyze how you can create engaging content on a daily basis.

Frank Abagnale, one of the leading experts from Semalt Digital Services, has shared in the article some tips for you to gain sufficient experience.

Post Subject-Related Videos

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you post subject related content and videos both on Facebook and Twitter. It is important to observe what your followers love to read and watch and manage your social media sites accordingly. Most of the people don't know that generating organic traffic from Twitter and Facebook is very easy. You don't need to post hundreds to thousands of things every day. Just one thing per hour with engaging videos and short clips would do the work for you.

Share Quote Photos

If you could not find the appropriate videos, you may share quotes and photos on your social media websites. People love inspirations quotes that keep their mental level stable and create positivity in their personality. You can help them get rid of all the problems and emotions by sharing quote photos every half an hour. That is going to get you quality results and can increase your post interaction as well as your website's number of views to a great extent.

Target Your Organic Posts

If Facebook has limited your posts to a few people, then the best option is to target your organic posts through Facebook ads. Doing so can give your posts and website more and more exposure online and can create awareness among others regarding your brand. Not only Facebook but also Twitter is a good way to increase your reach online. You can use their ads which won't cost you a lot but can get you very good results.

Get Creative with Trending Topics

As Facebook and Twitter more close to the real-time when it comes to trends and gossip, you can get creative with trending topics to increase your social media fans. We recommend you to share news articles and trending posts more and more. This would give your site and social media profiles more exposure than the others, and your chances of getting lots of fans would ultimately increase.

Create and Share Curated Lists

Curated lists are good to be created and shared on Twitter and Facebook. These social media websites filter their search results and get their users have some curated and informational content. If you create such posts and content in a large number, you may get plenty of fans and followers within a few weeks.